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Nickname: rubydreamer

Location: Miami (Florida), USA

Zodiac: Taurus

SHOEs: Whatever fits
Shoe size 10

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Member since: Aug 08 12
Last login: May 03 15


Our love, makes a house, a home...
About me
I am:
lesbian, TransGendered, Out, non-smoker

Means of transport:
car, moped, feet

My Interests:
Origami (Turning flat paper into 3D art with only my fingers), Astrology, Computer, Computer Games, Dining out, Cooking, Music, Politics, Animals, Watch tv, Aerobic, Biking, Swimming

About me:
7 Months out of a relationship that just didn't working out after 3 years...

And for those who have to ask, yes, I am a transwoman, yes I fully intend to get SRS when I can afford it, and no, I am not a man in a dress... I'm just stuck with nasty bits that I desperately want gone!

This is what I like:
Acceptance, respect, love, kindness, snuggling, movies, TV, Video games...

Flirt Status
Green: You and me babe... how about it...?

What if...?
  • What does a perfect weekend look like for you?
    Swimming with friends, maybe some dancing, and of course some time on the beach!
  • What do you dream of in life?
    I dream of having children of my own (even though I know its quite unlikely)
  • When was the last time you cried?
    Last night (and yes this always applies, I tend to cry a lot)
  • Which book have you read more than 1 times and why?
    Little House on the Prairie Series (and yes I'm serious, 4+ times before High School)
  • If you could go back one day in your life and re-live it, which day would you choose and why?
    The day of my conception, and make sure I was born a girl...
  • What would you do with a piece of paper?
    Turn it into a flower for you :P
  • What annoys you the most about lesbians?
    The bigots who insist that Transwomen are somehow not "real women"...
  • Have you ever been dragged out the ladies toilet again because someone thought you were a man?
    Not a single time, amazingly enough...

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